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Transform Childhood: Intro to Conscious Parenting & Teaching


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Transform Childhood: Intro to Conscious Parenting & Teaching; The Art & Science of Healthy Relationships


Join Emily for this transformational mini-class! Suitable for parents, caregivers and educators of children of all ages!

Date and Time: Saturday, May 20th, 9:00am- 12:00pm (PST) LIVE via Zoom. Recorded so you can listen any time!

Intro to Conscious Parenting: What is Conscious Parenting? Why is it the missing piece in modern parenting and teaching? It’s not a parenting style, it’s groundbreaking information that will alter your lifestyle!

Does your kid overreact, resist, explode or lie? Are you at a loss and troubled by their behavior? Have you ever wondered “Is this normal?”  — Then this class is for you!

Is your kid unhappy, angry, upset or demanding? Do they cry often? Show anger or aggression? Do you feel like nothing satisfies their needs?

Have you tried being gentle, using rewards & consequences, logic & reason- but nothing works? Is your kid high needs? Are they too sensitive? Needy and demanding?  — Join us! 

Are you stressed and overwhelmed? You’re not alone!  We all need relief!

You will learn the important difference between the old paradigm and the new paradigm, the science of the developing brain, how to work with difficult behaviors, how to strengthen your bond, how to build self-awareness, compassion & cooperation. — You don’t want to miss this! 

In this mini intro class I will show you how to create and sustain the Art & Science of Healthy Relationships with the kids in your life!

Cost: $58.00

*Scholarships available!

Reserve your spot today!