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Intentional Childhood Course for Parents


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This course will revolutionize your relationship with children. Join me as we look through the fascinating lenses of neuroscience of the developing brain, inner child work, and emotional intelligence for purposeful parenting and education. Teaching through connected relationship is not only the most effective path towards influencing our children, it is also the most sustainable. With the right kind of navigation and support, parenting can be a journey of self-discovery. Will you join the paradigm shift?

Scholarships are available!

Intentional Childhood

On-line starting August 10th, 2022


Dates & time for Fall 2022: Wednesday’s and Sunday’s, 4:00-5:30 pm (PST) USA

Week 1: Behavior = Communication, August 10th & 14th

Week 2: Navigating Anger & Stress, August 17th & 21st

Week 3: Boundaries, August 24th & 28th

Week 4: Connected Communication, August 31st & September 4th



  • Facilitated by Emily McCrea Founder & Director of Downtown Community School INC. and creator of Rebel Shift Childhood LLC.
  • Live on zoom/recording available
  • The content includes lectures, open-forum conversation, role-play, handouts, and personal reflection.
  • This is a four-week commitment; classes are twice a week for 90 minutes each.
  • $300 per person
  • Scholarships & discounts available.
  • Pre-registration is required.
  • Reserve your spot today!


Sessions Offered:


Week 1: BEHAVIOR = COMMUNICATION of an unmet need

This dynamic workshop combines contemporary neuroscience with tangible socio-emotional tools to identify the underlying emotional needs and feelings that drive behavior. When we understand how to develop and support healthy brain functions we are able to shift our relationships from fear and control to love and safety then we can build meaningful and sustainable connections with the children we care for.

Week 2: Navigating  ANGER & STRESS

Transform your hurt by uncovering the roots of trauma, anger and stress. We will take an intentional look at the dysregulated brain and learn how to build regulation tools through repairing our inner dialogue. Participants will learn how to create sustainable relationships by increasing their window of tolerance and healing and repairing disconnects with the children
we care for.


Freedom with limits, clear boundaries and confident caregivers are essential for children to thrive. Boundaries are unique to each of us, let’s discover our limits. We will explore and become aware of the everyday unconscious messages we send. Together we will shift away from control and passivity toward healthy limits, while maintaining flexibility and compassion.


Changing the way we speak changes everything! Unlock empathy and connection by revealing unconscious reaction patterns. When we reframe behavior, and how we respond to it, we can connect and guide children’s big emotions in ways that support healthy communication. Participants will learn to decipher the difference between behavioral strategies and real needs.