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Downtown Community School is a center for child advocacy and a progressive educational site with resources for both children and adults. Strengthening our community through Community-PLAY events, parent and teacher workshops and courses promoting high quality preschool education.With the broader purpose of sharing the powerful tools and practices we believe in, our aim is to foster positive shifts in thinking-one child, family and educator at a time. 

Resources, TRAINING’S & support

DCS offers resources, workshops, courses, and private consulting for parents and educators throughout the year. These workshops and courses are intensive and provide greatly needed tools in order to problem solve, develop authentic communication, heal relationships and foster harmony within homes, classrooms, and communities. Our goal is that parents and teachers become emotional coaches and facilitators of creative play. We believe children need to be celebrated for simply being who they are, as they are. In this way, everyone thrives. We know from the current research that early learning experiences not only impact the brain, but lay the foundation for later success in life. DCS facilitators receive over 30 hours of TEACH through Love professional development annually as well as continued professional development in compassionate communication. Educators and parents at Downtown Community School have the absolute honor and privilege of aiding in the development of young peoples’ minds.  

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Teach Through Love

TEACH Through Love (TTL) is a Conscious Parenting Organization dedicated to Transforming the Emotional Abuse of Children. Through compassionate communication and emotional intelligence, parents and educators learn invaluable tools to shift relationships. A philosophy that encompasses a great deal of DCS’s pedagogy — cutting-edge brain science, compassionate communication, personal growth and accountability, and empathy and consciousness around child development. Emily works closely with TTL founder, Lori Petro. She is intent on sharing this transformative program with children, parents and educators creating an engaging and safe environment for children to be themselves.

Private consulting

Are you in need of support? Do you know someone who is? DCS offers private parent coaching support in-person and in-home, tailored to the individual needs of each family.

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-Non-profit sliding scale parent coaching hourly rate: $50-$85.00


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