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Jennifer has been with DCS for 6 years and is the lead teacher of the 5 & 6 year olds; she is also the Assistant Director. She was previously a public elementary school teacher for 6 years and has found kinder to be her favorite age group to work with. She loves reading with kids and supporting them as they work toward writing their first letters and words in Writers Workshop. Jennifer is excited to take her kinder kids on fields trips every month around our neighborhood and beyond! She also loves connecting with children over a shared meal at our outdoor picnic tables on Pizza Wednesday. Jennifer is born and raised in Tucson and a mother of two daughters. Jennifer loves to spend time baking with her 8 year old, Olivia, who is also a DCS alumni, and her youngest, Lily, just started at DCS this year!



Lynette is the lead teacher of our youngest DCS kiddos and the Conscious Parenting Curriculum Coordinator. She joined the DCS community in 2017 with her 6 year old son Taeo, who you can often find running through the yard barefoot. For 3 years prior to DCS Lynette ran her own in-home child care space, where loving up little ones was daily practice. She has spent 15 years in the holistic fields of massage, naturopathic studies, yoga, and Eastern philosophies. She creates fantastic and sweet worlds with homemade toys that you can find at holiday markets. As an art enthusiast, she envisions many of the art invitations for our school and is often responsible for the wild and beautiful creations of feathers, pastels, and glitter that goes home with children everyday.



Elianna has been with the DCS family since 2017. She is a co-teacher of the 3s and 4s. Outside of DCS, Eliana is a farmer, baker and small business owner. She has been working with children all her life and is an all around community girl. Tucson, through and through, she grew up with 2 brothers and 1 sister and is no stranger to large family gatherings. Elianna loves reading in the library with the children, as they pile next to her on the couch. The kids also know to go to Elianna for good jokes or a hug from the Tickle Monster. You can also find her at the local farmers market selling her homemade Kimchi or bike riding around the neighborhood with her partner and his son.